Barcode Ribbon - Depending on the type and model of barcode printer

Many of us do not know what a Label Rewinder is but they play an important role in easing up our work in labeling products we sell at the grocery stores, supermarkets, or any stores that require presentation of merchandise to the customers. This small equipment was an innovation from the manual piling of labels during continuous printing and since its invention it has sped up labeling and put everything in order from manufacturing to the distribution of goods up to the stores where the commodities will be displayed.

Today, you don't have to worry if the products get mixed up because as long as you have efficient Label Rewinder you can be able to classify every item in proper order. The modern label rewinders are of different types and models. There are small models that can be installed inside printers while the bigger models are the external type.

While these two types are both convenient to use, the external type has more flexibility because it can rewind long rolls of labels without the need of frequent cutting. There are also the heavy duty type Label Rewinder and they offer more flexibility, bigger adjustable size of rolls, and have an adjustable tension for the size of the core. This type can accommodate bigger and wider labels and mostly use on rewinding labels for baggage boxes, canvas and shipments.

Barcodes on packaging, products, and inventory are important to be able to read and withstand various environments, and stick to the surfaces that the barcodes are affixed onto, from paper mail to glossy plastic bags. In addition, quality ribbons will keep your thermal transfer printer print heads cleaner, making the barcodes clean and easy to read, even after long runs. Finding the right Barcode Ribbon at an affordable cost therefore is important to make sure your business runs smoothly.

As we all know, when a person ventures to shop for clothing, they know that some of the factors they will need to make decisions on would include the color of clothing, the make of the clothing, the size of the clothing and so on. Similarly, as you go shopping for Thermal Transfer Ribbon, there are a number of things you will need to know, a number of things the ribbon vendor will ask you for, in order to know which particular barcode ribbons to sell you (because there are many types of them).

To get a more in-depth discussion about Barcode Ribbon, visit our blog post about them. If you still have questions about which ribbon to use, contact us: we can help you find the right ribbon for your printer and products.

One thing that you really need to know, when shopping for Barcode Ribbon, is the type of barcode printer you are looking to use them on. You not only need to be aware of the make of a printer you have, but also the specific model number. That is because we have seen cases where two different models of the same barcode printer make can't share ribbons. That makes it essential for you to know which particular barcode printer you have (including the make name, and the model number).

Only print on regular paper labels that are thermal transfer capable. This new wax will not work on synthetic labels since it will rub right off. Some shipping benches use this Thermal Transfer Ribbon since the cost of inexpensive thermal transfer labels and using this economy wax barcode ribbon, the combined price can be less than using direct thermal labels. Quite an option if you don’t mind changing the ribbon at the shipping bench. Anyway, ask us for a free sample and see for yourself. We look forward to working with you on your barcode ribbon choices.

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